August 2019

ETF CAGR Auto-Update

I used the adjusted closing prices from Yahoo Finance to track the performance of various ETFs. Compared to historical prices, adjusted closing prices factor in dividends & splits, giving a better picture of the yield for each ETF.

The adjusted closing prices are colored by comparing against other prices for the same ETF across the 10-year period. Dark green is the highest, while dark red is the lowest. The CAGR table has values compared across both time periods and ETFs, again with dark green being the best.

Despite the strong growth of China's economy, the US still enjoys better returns in it's public stock market.

Putting it together

The values are updated daily using a Google Script I wrote:

You can view the Google Spreadsheet directly too.

I previously wrote a script to get the adjusted closing prices from Alpha Vantage. However, Alpha Vantage's free service limits requests to about 5 per minute. I decided it was easier and more direct to get the info directly from Yahoo Finance.